During 2014-2015 I was hired by LittleGreenMen to aid the design of a space station for their game, Starpoint Gemini 2. The main idea was to convey a "stronghold in space" that the player would upgrade through resource gathering and investment. The client requested a module-by-module approach, because the station would comprise various habitats and structures. They wanted me to give them a general idea that they would be able to reproduce in low poly geometry, but detailed enough to stand out on its own. The design process started in a traditional way, me using shapes and textures to find a design language that I would later tighten using 3d. For that later stage of the design process I used a lot of Photoshop overpainting and Sketchup kitbashing from their online library - which was ok, because all the shapes I developed were serving as detail suggestion for the modular sets the client was going to build rather than final, unique assets. Thank you and enjoy!

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